Flywheel News | January 2024 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Discover GCommerce’s predictions for digital marketing in 2024 

What will happen to hotel digital marketing in 2024? Learn the top predictions from the marketing team here at GCommerce.

  1. Google Search CPCs up 19% YOY

Google search CPCs are on the rise. View this study from Tinuiti on rising spend and CPCs on Google ads.

  1. Hacking your marketing budget 

With outstanding management of your 2024 marketing budget, you may be able to improve performance and efficiency, but not enough to make a dent in your new revenue goals.  Learn how to generate direct revenue without spending marketing dollars from our founder, Scott van Hartesvelt.

  1. 94% of SGE results different than organic results

In January, an interesting study on SGE results vs organic results found that 94% of the time, the two contained different listing results. This could allow sites not normally listed in top organic results to appear within SGE results.

  1. Google starts phasing out 3rd party cookies 

Google officially rolled out the first phase of depreciating third-party cookies with its Tracking Protection feature, including 1% of Chrome users. However, more recent news out of the UK states that Google can’t move forward with the full phase-out until it addresses some concerns around proposed Privacy Sandbox changes. 

  1. Facebook link history feature - a loophole to cookies? 

Facebook’s new link history feature allows users to save their link history and is a default opt-in feature. It could also be a loophole for advertisers to target audiences better as the removal of 3rd party cookies rolls out.

  1. TikTok’s testing an interesting AI feature 

In one of the more interesting use cases for AI within social media platforms, TikTok is developing AI that would allow the platform to easily replicate anyone’s voice. Equal parts cool and scary, this could open the door for more use of audio creation with video content. Learn more.