Flywheel News | May 2024 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Google Marketing Live 2024: Key takeaways from the GCommerce team

    Every year, the marketing industry eagerly awaits Google Marketing Live, Google’s annual event to showcase what’s new in the world of Google advertising. Discover our key takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2024.

    1. Google announces new ad creative and targeting tools for AI overviews, PMax & more

    Google has been working on making it easier and faster to produce great creative assets for ads across marketing channels. Discover more now. 

    1. Canva announced an enterprise platform, AI features and refreshed UI

    A whole new editing experience and Canva Enterprise package targets businesses using a mixed bag of workspace tools. Learn more here. 

    4. Is your property adjusting your metasearch bids for direct bookings?
    Hotel Metasearch Bid Modifiers allow you to adjust your hotel metasearch default bid by a percentage at various levels. Learn how to adjust your metasearch bids for maximum direct bookings, here

    5. Meta adds automated video ad option to Automated Catalog Ads offerings

      Catalog product video allows advertisers to upload video assets directly into their catalog at the product or SKU level. Once uploaded, advertisers can leverage the AI in Advantage+ solutions to pinpoint ideal users, deliver impactful content and ultimately drive conversions. Learn more here. 

      1. Google Analytics 4 now showing real-time users in the last 5 minutes

      Google has upgraded its Google Analytics, GA4, real-time reports to show users in the last 5 minutes. It previously showed users in the last 30 minutes, and now it shows both users in the last 5 minutes and users in the last 30 minutes. Explore this here.

      1. Top travel apps harvesting your data without asking

      Cybernews discovered that travel apps have built-in permissions that allow developers to access sensitive information on users' devices, including location, contacts, camera, microphone, and SMS messages. Learn more here.