Flywheel News | January 2023 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Google Optimize To Be Discontinued (Moving into GA4)

To the dismay of marketers everywhere, Google announced that it will be discontinuing its UX testing tool, Google Optimize, on September 30th. Google plans on providing a new solution within GA4. Learn more here.

  1. Yandex Search Ranking Factors Leaked

Even though it’s not the Google search ranking factors that were leaked, the recent leak of Yandex search ranking factors provides some interesting insights into area’s of focus you should consider testing and evaluating for your website’s SEO. 

  1. Google Search Announces Debut of Chatbot Features Later this Year

Credit it to the Google “code red” about ChatGPT, but the search engine announced that it will debut chatbot features later this year within Google search. Read more here.

  1. Google Search Trends for 2022

I think we’re all eager to know what trends to capitalize for marketing in 2023. One of the best ways is to take a quick look back with Google’s year in Search 2022. Top trends for 2023 include Value, evaluated; Aid and allyship and revising priorities. All of these have very specific tie in’s to travel marketing. People want to feel represented in ads, they want ways to alleviate stress and they are seeking experiences that provide great value. How can your hotel incorporate these trends into your ad messaging? 

5. Check out Metadesk

Globally, huge amounts of hotel advertising budgets are shifting to metasearch advertising campaigns. And with the deprecation of cookies and 3rd party tracking, it makes complete sense. 📈📈📈 Learn more at

  1. Reports Show Facebook Usage Is Up 

Even with the rise of TikTok’s popularity, Wall Street Journal reported that usage and time spent on Facebook was up worldwide over the past year. Maybe it’s because of TikTok? The rise in usage could be attributed to increase in Reels consumption. Have you invested in your hotel’s short form video assets yet? If not, 2023 is the year no matter what social platform you focus your efforts on.

  1. 6 Ways Your Hotel Can Utilize Facebook’s Lead Generation Tool in 2023 

Are you looking for solutions to increase your hotel’s email database size, drive more wedding business or improve your remarketing ad performance? Discover new ways to drive more revenue with Facebook’s Lead Generation tool in 2023.

  1. The Power of Brand Collaborations 

Looking for new ways to inject fresh, excitement into your brand messaging or expand your reach to like minded audiences? It’s time you looked into the power of brand collaborations. Learn more here with some great examples to get you started.