Flywheel News | February 2024 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. A marketer’s case for hotel metasearch

Stop forfeiting direct revenue. Learn how to drive more with a marketer’s approach to the hotel metasearch channel from our Founder, Scott van Hartesvelt. Learn more here.

  1. GA4 updates & releases

Google was busy with updates to the GA4 platform in February including:

  • Adding a new primary channel group option - giving you an editable channel group that will be the default reporting channel grouping for reports
  • Advertising section updates - including moving the Google Ads report into this section vs the previously hard to find location under the traffic acquisition overview
  • Trend change detection - a new type of insight that surfaces “subtle but long lasting and important changes in your data
  • New manual traffic source dimensions and report - enhancing your ability to analyze performance in cross-channel reports, explorations, and more
  1. DEI origins at GCommerce 

In 2022, a fateful series of conversations led us down a path of deliberate intention and focus around our company’s culture and ensuring Diversity, Equity and inclusion are as much an aspiration as a practice. Learn more about our company’s approach and intention here. 

  1. Google & Reddit sign AI content licensing deal  

Google officially announced a deal with Reddit that allows Reddit to integrate new AI-powered capabilities into its platform’s search while Google gets access to Reddit’s data API to help train its own AI models. GCommerce’s monitoring of SERP has already seen Reddit results gain visibility for a variety of search queries, including using Google’s SGE lab feature. Read the full announcement here.

  1. What happened to Threads? A 2024 update  

What’s happened to the fastest app to reach 100 million users since its launch last summer? Catch up on the latest around Threads here.

  1. 5 reasons to reevaluate your metasearch marketing 

Don’t miss the latest playbook on how to take back your direct bookings with metasearch advertising. View here.