Flywheel News | March 2024 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Google generating AI powered travel itineraries in search results 

Users that have SGE enabled via Labs in their Chrome browsers can now start viewing Google generated travel itineraries - learn more here and see how your hotel may be visible in these searches.

  1. The House votes to ban TikTok 

The move by the US government is pushing ByteDance to divest from TikTok within 6 months or face a ban in the US. Since many investors are US based, the general thought by many is that this will happen and US residents will still be able to use the platform.

  1. How to optimize your hotel’s metasearch campaigns for mobile  

Did you know you can view metasearch advertising performance by device type? See what this means and how you can optimize your campaigns using this data.

  1. GCommerce celebrates Women’s History Month 

GCommerce employees share their womanhood traditions during Women’s History Month. See what our team had to say.

  1. GCommerce’s 2023 DEI Impact Report 

Over a year after establishing our DEI study group, GCommerce shares a recap of the work that has been done and the outcomes it’s generated. Read the full report here.

  1. Google’s Consent Mode updates are here 

Google has rolled out Consent Mode v2 - learn about this update, what steps your company should consider and how it can impact your ad targeting here.

  1. Say goodbye to Google’s Commission Bid Strategies for Hotel Ads 

Don't worry, saying goodbye to Google’s commission bid strategies for hotel ads doesn’t mean saying goodbye to pay per stay contract models with GCommerce. Learn more here.

  1. Dive into data: LinkedIn static vs video lead generation campaigns 

Our team breaks down results seen when using static vs video ads in LinkedIn Lead Gen campaigns. Learn more here.

  1. Instagram updates hashtag search making opportunities for account discovery 

Find out what opportunities await with this update by Instagram and make sure you’re updating your account profile and posts with keywords for your top targeted searches.

  1. Google starts testing AI overviews from SGE in Google search results 

Although Google hasn’t announced an official rollout for SGE in the main search results, it has started testing it for a small subset of users. Learn more here.

  1. Google changes name of conversions in Google Analytics 4 to Key Events 

Although the jury is out on if this update is actually beneficial or not, Google has officially changed the name of conversions in all (but Google Ads) reports in GA4 to Key Events. It’s meant to try and help clear up confusion on the differences in conversions seen between GA4 and Google Ads platforms. Learn more here.