Snowboard On Your Lunch Breaks


The employees at GCommerce are passionate about having a quality work-life balance for all. Park City is an incredible place to live and we take full advantage of the opportunities that are afforded here. Previously, GCommerce brought to you a guide to a lunchtime snowboard route down the Park City side of Park City Mountain Resort. Now that we are in our new offices in Kimball Junction, along with the fact that Utah has had deep snowpack so far this winter - we wanted to provide an updated version for people who might be looking for a snowboard route on the Canyons side.

Our previous route was over 3,300 vertical feet through 7 runs from the top of Jupiter Peak back to the base of the Park City Village. This trip allowed you to make it back to the office in just about an hour. The Canyons route is slightly longer, about 90 minutes, but it is also more intense, as it includes over 4,000 vertical feet through 10 runs from the top of Murdock Peak back to the base of the Canyons Village.

To start, be sure all of your ski stuff is ready and can be organized as soon as your lunch break starts so that you can take full advantage of your time on the hill. Next, use the MyStop App to track the #10 Bus – White Electric Express. This bus comes about every 10 minutes to the Kimball Junction Transit Center. It’s about a 4-minute walk from our office to the Transit Center and then 6 minutes from the Transit Center on the bus to the base of the Canyons. Use the 6 minutes on the way to the Canyons for putting on your gear and any other final preparations you might need.

Once you arrive at the Canyons, walk to the Cabriolet, it’s about a 6-minute ride up to the village. Next, walk to the Orange Bubble and take the chair 6 minutes up to Lookout Ridge. After 3 walks, a bus and 2 lifts, you’re finally ready to start riding! Head back down underneath of the Orange Bubble lift and take a hard skier’s left down Upper Lookout Ridge. Keep your eyes open for Arrowhead, another skier’s left, which will drop down to Flume and finally take you to the Super Condor lift. Unstrap your back foot and hop the 8-minute chair to the top. From here, don’t even bother binding in; just skate down towards Boa and you should see the hiking trail heading up Renny’s Ridge towards the top of Murdock Peak. This is when the fun starts! 

Take off your board and make the quick 15-minute hike to the top of Renny’s Ridge. If you are in a real hurry, you can shave off about 5-10 minutes of the trip if you head straight down from Renny’s. Otherwise, admire the views and be thankful for a few minutes of flat hiking before you take the next steep 5-minute trek up to the top of Murdock Peak. Once at the top, ride off the Northeast face of the peak, down the ridge; you should cross through an avalanche gate just as the ridge becomes narrow. From here, ride the flat ridge until you run out of momentum. You will be greeted by another quick, 5-minute hike up to the high point on the north ridge. Admire this final view before riding all the way back to the base.

As long as you ride anywhere off the east side of Murdock, you will end up back on Boa. My personal preference is to quickly cross Boa, drop down through the trees and into Canis Lupis, a natural halfpipe that runs the length of Upper Boa. 

After leaving Canis Lupis, ride Lower Boa back to Super Condor. Ride straight past the lift onto Willow Draw, down towards the base. Use the rope tow to get some extra momentum before coming back to the Orange Bubble. Once there, ride right around the lift line and back down the left towards the Waldorf Astoria access – this will help save a few minutes rather than taking the Cabriolet back to the parking lot. As you approach the Waldorf Astoria, keep an eye out for tracks running to skier’s right, this will take you on the south side of the condos there and right near the round-about at the base of the Cabriolet, a 4-minute walk back to the bus stop.

As the Electric Express comes about every 10 minutes, there should be one within a few minutes of getting back to the stop. Use the 6-minute ride back to Kimball to get ready to get back to work. Walk the 4 minutes back to the office and enjoy the rest of your afternoon with the satisfaction of over 4,000 vertical feet included in your day.

If you are interested in having lunchtime snowboard routes included in your workday, contact GCommerce Solutions today about digital marketing careers in Park City!