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How I Live The Adaptability Cultural Pillar For GCommerce Hotel Marketing

Adaptability is growth, and growth leads to opportunity. 

Hotel marketing is an ever-evolving and interconnected field. The ability to adapt is a skill that always needs to be fostered from the ‘top-down’ within any Organization.

GCommerce takes pride in encouraging adaptability in everything we do. How we approach our client's way of work and the changes within the hotel marketing industry to how we learn from each other as an organization (especially in this post-Covid world) will determine our level of adaptability.

Working at GCommerce, I’ve witnessed first hand how much our day-to-day fluctuates around the needs of our clients. One moment, I might be working on Facebook ads for hotels, and then the next web edits. But within that, there are also little nuances that may cause me to change directions entirely and this is why adaptability is so important. Our clients are our partners, and we are only successful when they are, so no matter what needs to be done, I constantly tell myself a solution can be found. Whether that solution comes from me or someone else, at the end, it's all about growing to accomplish the end goal. 

Working from home, you start to understand how important being flexible is. Whether it be how you structure your personal life around work or how you lean on google and colleagues to provide you with ideas you may need assistance on. Adaptability provides me with constant growth as I try to bring the best results to my clients and their business. It is the way we listen, learn, and provide value (or communicate).

Without adaptability it would be hard for organizations to collaborate or express ideas the way they were intended to be, if not better. In this post-Covid era, it is even more crucial to not be stuck in one's way of thinking.

Over the long term the businesses that will succeed are the ones that continually adapt to their landscape as they innovate. We may not be able to predict the future, but by adapting, we can be flexible and one step ahead of anything that comes up. As mentioned earlier, hotel marketing is an ever-evolving and interconnected field, but to be present, grow and succeed is essential for sustaining adaptability.