Social Media Advertising

Minimal Cost-Per-Acquisitions & Maximum Returns

Social media advertising has transcended the prevalent scrutiny it originally faced to become an adopted norm among digital marketers. The combination of an expansive reach – 1.94 billion active users on Facebook monthly and 700 million active users on Instagram monthly – and low cost-per-acquisition, plus the surplus of targeting categories – from interests to behaviors, demographics, and geographic location – make it an absolute must for any business. For those in search of an audience of one, this is the tool you require.

If Success Is The Destination, Strategy Is The GPS

When it comes to social media advertising, a comprehensive strategy and media plan should guide every campaign objective, targeting parameter, and piece of content. As each property is unique in its own right, each campaign must be custom tailored to ensure traffic is qualified and engaged.

We take into account primary target markets, stages of the conversion funnel, target consumer personas and purchasing characteristics to form a strategy custom built for each client. Without strategy, we are no better than the countless cookie-cutter agencies blindly spending advertising dollars. Instead, we prefer to do our homework, execute precision targeting, and build genuine relationships with a client’s targeted audience through relevant content and powerful storytelling.

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Audiences Matter

To cut costs and increase their bottom line, many will cast a wide net, hoping for the best. GCommerce understands the importance of understanding the intricacies of one’s audience – their demographic and geographic makeup, their interests and behaviors, and the type of copy and imagery that evokes an emotional response from them.

Further, GCommerce not only understands the importance of selecting the correct campaign objective – clicks to website vs. conversions vs. page likes – but running the correct type of campaign. This can be as simple as prospecting vs. retargeting, but can include refined targeting tactics such as the following: birthdays, anniversaries, markets, or even various family compositions.

Not All Social Media Marketing Is Created Equally

GCommerce, we make it a point to create a strategy that is personalized to each client’s needs. Without constant and careful attention to campaign types, audience targeting, and optimization, no campaign is worth its salt.

Through the combination of industry best practices and comprehensive strategy, GCommerce is able to design, build and launch campaigns that provide returns time and time again.