GCommerce Cultural Pillar: Flexibility


Flexibility, More Than Just A Cultural Pillar For Our Hospitality Marketing Agency

Most everyone born in or around the mid 60’s can certainly recall the acclaimed children’s show Gumby, a youthful rubber like figurine exploring each day filled with adventure. Who knew that almost six decades later we would all be experiencing exactly what our ‘Gumby-like’ capabilities are? Sadly, most days throughout the past two years cannot be defined with adventure and exploration the same way that our rubber friend portrayed each of his own. But we can recognize and appreciate a very critical point of view: flexibility. 

So, I am not just talking about yoga pants and stretching here (although I am confident most everyone’s athleisure wear has become quite the investment) but more so about mental flexibility. Our office space has become a shared space with our furry friends, children’s crafts, a partner’s soundboard for dinner, and Alexa has taken a swift promotion to Executive Assistant. All these woes have quickly become the new default in working during “all things COVID.”

Maintaining a strong culture of flexibility is a must and is essential for the best interests of the company, team, and clients at our hospitality marketing agency. The irony here is that this simple paraphrase is in fact one of the cultural pillars which lies at the foundation of GCommerce (and yes, the pillars were written pre-COVID). There was a time where life existing outside of the office was such a fundamental part of well-being. Now with some adaptivity to that, life is existing in the “office” and balancing this while still ensuring the adage ‘work hard-play hard’. Flexibility has become the most important ingredient to