Facebook Wedding Ads Continue To Drive Leads During COVID-19


With so much uncertainty during these times, there is one thing that GCommerce is certain about - wedding requests for proposals continue to roll in for hotels. Now more than ever, people are on their devices, trying to find an escape, planning for brighter times ahead. While people are still planning for future wedding arrangements, don’t miss out on this opportunity to be in front of a highly qualified audience to drive wedding leads for your hotel. 

All of our clients running wedding lead campaigns right now are seeing leads continue to roll in. For example, one client is seeing significant increases MOM for wedding leads

In January, when the COVID-19 threat was still relatively low, the client collected an average amount of wedding leads. From there, as travel bans continued to become stricter, submissions continued to increase. 

In February the number of leads increased by 155%. 

In March, we saw another jump with a 35% increase in wedding leads.

How to Get More Wedding Leads for Your Hotel

GCommerce recommends a variety of tactics to help drive more wedding leads for your hotel but the channel that we see the most success with is social media campaigns. We recommend running Facebook wedding ad campaigns, testing lead generation campaign types and trying Instant Experience ads.

Facebook Lead Generation Wedding Ads for Hotels

Wedding lead generation campaigns look just like normal Facebook wedding ads, however, rather than sending a user to your hotel’s website, the ad will populate a request for proposal form for the user to complete. The information is exactly the same as it would appear on the RFP on your site and the fields can be customized. Wedding lead generation campaign ads tend to have a higher completion rate since the user never needs to leave or click through on the ad and the RFP form is populated directly to them based on their Facebook user information. Once the user completes the form and hits submit, an email notification will be sent to the determined list of employees from the property side with the info from the form. These are also collected within Facebook manager and you can download that list at any time.

Best Practices for Wedding Social Media Campaigns During COVID-19

Focus on the local drive market- At this point, the majority of our client’s wedding social media campaign leads are coming from a drive market radius and surrounding states. While air travel and travel bans are still fairly uncertain at this time, keep your targeting local, within a drive market radius for your social media wedding lead campaigns.

Expand or Revamp Your Hotel's Website Content- Our clients’ social media wedding campaign ads are still seeing a lot of great engagement with plenty of guests tagging others and leaving comments showing excitement. Although overall traffic is down YOY, in the past 30 days, we’re seeing that wedding landing pages have an increased average session duration and higher pages per session compared to the previous year. This shows that users are interested and are taking more time to explore hotel wedding venue content and details. They are also visiting additional pages on the hotel website once they leave the wedding page, perhaps F&B pages to learn more about culinary offerings, or room types for room blocks. Make sure the content on your hotel’s website is up to date, as these are positive user engagement metrics that users are exploring your site.

Interested in learning how GCommerce can increase your property’s wedding leads during this crisis and beyond? Reach out to your Account Executive today!

Top 5 Ways Your Hotel Can Drive More Wedding Leads This Proposal Season


According to TheKnot.com, 37% of wedding proposals happen from November to February. Once they answer “yes”, the next step the newly engaged couple takes is to start researching and planning their big day. Is your hotel positioned to capture new wedding leads during this peak season? Now is the time to start planning and launching your hotel’s wedding lead campaigns to capitalize on this year’s proposal season. Here are our top tips to best position your hotel to capture more wedding leads during this busy time of year:

1. Launching Wedding Lead Campaigns on Facebook

Facebook’s lead generation campaigns offer the ability to drive more wedding RFPs by capturing lead information without having the user leave the Facebook platform. It offers an easier, frictionless experience by keeping the user on Facebook instead of directing them away and potentially losing them during the process. You are able to customize the questions you ask to qualify the lead. We recommend limiting this to your most critical fields, keeping it short and sweet.

2. Use Facebook Instant Experience Ads

Facebook Instant Experience Ads allow you to showcase your hotel’s compelling imagery and messaging in a beautiful, engaging full-screen format. It gives you more real estate for imagery, messaging and video to enhance your wedding venue’s storytelling ability within a Facebook ad. These ads are mobile optimized and “designed to capture the complete attention of your audience”. You’re able to deliver your hotel’s story with videos, photos, swipe through carousels, tilt to pan and more. This can help drive more interest, engagement and leads.

3. Update, Refresh & Expand Wedding Content on Your Hotel Website

Does your hotel website’s wedding content provide important, easy to find information a user needs to help decide on a wedding location? Is imagery compelling and does it showcase your property’s venues effectively? Many hotel websites don’t provide essential venue information that brides-to-be need to make a decision and compel them to submit an RFP. We recommend building out your website’s wedding focused pages to speak to your target audience for weddings and provide them with information that drives them to plan their big day at your hotel. Incorporating additional pages to focus on weddings also provides more real estate to expand on content for SEO keywords and optimization to help you rank higher in the search results.

4. Launch Wedding-Focused Paid Search Campaigns

Search engines serve an important role during the wedding planning and research phase. Make sure your hotel wedding venues are front and center when users are searching for keyword phrases related to wedding venues in your hotel’s location. Discover keywords with search volume through using Google Ad’s or SEM Rush’s keyword planning tools and narrow your focus on your target geographic markets. Incorporate key competitive advantages and feature them in your paid search ad copy like the ad below:

5. Increase Budgets During Peak Proposal and Post Peak Proposal Season

Do your current budget allocations give room for the peak interest in wedding venue searches and planning during proposal season? Make sure your budgets are adjusted to capitalize on the increase in wedding-related interest and newly engaged couples. Google Ad’s keyword planner tool shows a historic peak in searches for “wedding venues” during this time of year, especially in January.

Wedding proposal season is already upon us! Reach out to GCommerce today to inquire about ways we can help you drive more wedding leads this time of year.