What's The Single Most Important Thing You Can do for SEO in 2018?


Now that you’ve completed all necessary steps to ensure your hotel’s website is well optimized for the shift to mobile-first indexing and you’ve made the upgrade to HTTPS, where should you focus your energy next?

Structured Data.

Gary Illyes, Google’s webmaster trends analyst and one of the most respected voices in the SEO world, spent lots of time focused on structured data during his talks at Pubcon in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Here’s a direct quote:

“Structured data. This is one of those things that I want you to pay lots of attention to this year.

We launched a bunch of search features that are based on structured data. It was badges on image search, jobs was another thing, job search, recipes, movies, local restaurants, courses and a bunch of other things that rely solely on structure data, schema.org annotations.

It is almost like we started building lots of new features that rely on structured data, kind of like we started caring more and more and more about structured data. That is an important hint for you if you want your sites to appear in search features, implement structured data.” (Reported by The SEM Post)

The SEM Post also reported that Illyes stated “But more importantly, add structure data to your pages because during indexing, we will be able to better understand what your site is about.”

That means Google’s using structured data for ranking and indexing purposes. Right now very few websites are using structured data. By implementing structured data now, your website will get ahead of your competition and it can help boost your rankings and organic traffic results. Don’t believe us? Looking for more answers on what structured data is and how to implement it?  Check out this case study for the impact of structured data. Then contact us to help you implement it before your competition does.

Do your own test with Structured Data:

If you are logged into a Gmail account that you have used for hotel reservations or flights, simply search:

“My Previous Flights” to see all flight reservations in your Gmail:

“My Previous Hotels” to see all hotel reservations in your Gmail: