Flywheel News | Your Top 7 Hotel Digital Marketing Updates From May 2020


1. Google Announces New Signal in Ranking Factors

Google has announced that it will be introducing a new ranking signal that focuses on evaluating user experience from a web page. Existing signals that were aimed at assessing user experience such as HTTPS, mobile-friendliness, and avoiding interstitials will be combined with what is called Core Web Vitals. These Core Web Vitals include:

Google has defined these as the Core Web Vitals:

  • Largest Contentful Paint: The time it takes for a page’s main content to load. An ideal LCP measurement is 2.5 seconds or faster.
  • First Input Delay: The time it takes for a page to become interactive. An ideal measurement is less than 100 seconds.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift: The amount of unexpected layout shift of visual page content. An ideal measurement is less than 0.1.

These won’t impact ranking until next year at the earliest but you should start taking a look at how your site performs by auditing these in Search Console or Chrome’s developer tools. Webpages that are able to positively impact these metrics will have a leg up on the competition. 

2. Google Ads SMB Credits Start Rolling Out to Accounts

Good news for SMBs! Google ad credits have started showing up within accounts. The first is going to SMBs in New Zealand but will expand to other countries over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for these additional marketing funds. We’re actively monitoring our client accounts for these ad credits.

3. Facebook Launches Shops Feature

Facebook has officially entered the eCommerce world with the introduction of its new feature, Facebook Shops. Facebook’s new feature looks to directly compete with Amazon and Google Shopping. Positioned at helping SMBs during this crisis, pages are able to add products to their Facebook Shop and people are able to interact, shop, and purchase either directly on Facebook or by visiting the business’ website. Shops are free to set up and right now don’t have any fees or commissions charged. Facebook does plan on launching fees in the future, but now is a great time to test this feature for free. Learn more here.

4. Bing Can Now Answer Certain Queries With a Simple Yes or No

Do you loathe having to read through an entire paragraph before you can find the simple “yes” or “no” answer you’re looking for in the search results snippets? Well, Bing has come to the rescue. The search engine is now able to answer certain queries with a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Give it a whirl at

5. Google Sunsets Gallery Ads Beta to Focus on Image Extensions

Google has decided to kill one of the most talked-about features from its Google Marketing Live in 2019. Gallery ads beta has been sunsetted to focus on image extensions instead. Microsoft Ads has had this feature for a while now. Google’s image extensions are currently in a closed Beta so if you aren’t included you’ll have to wait until the official release. 

6. New and Missing Google My Business Reviews Now Showing

During the start of the crisis, Google made the decision to disable certain features on its Google My Business product. This included the Q&A feature as well as the ability to post new reviews and customer photos. We’re excited to say that new reviews are now showing up on listings. If you are now open don’t forget to re-engage your customers through eCRM to ensure you’re generating new reviews. Review rating and quantity plays a large role in local SEO rankings.

7. New Google My Business Feature for Hotels: COVID-19 Responder Policy

Last month Google introduced a new Google My Business feature specifically for hotels. This feature allows hotels to post information about any discounts or free lodging for COVID-19 first responders. You can find this feature under the hotel attributes section of your GMB account.