Flywheel News | September 2023 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. It’s Time to Finalize Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Can you believe it’s already the start of Q4?! If you haven’t already, now is the time to send your holiday marketing campaign details to your agency for Cyber Weekend and beyond. We encourage all clients to include a “save the date” campaign that runs a week prior to your sale starting to boost success of these holiday flash sales. Hurry and contact your CSM today!

  1. Google’s Bard Can Now Connect to Your Google Apps & Services

Have you played around with Google’s Bard to see how it connects with other Google Apps and Services? Go to Bard and test having it plan an upcoming trip. You’ll see that Bard now responds with real-time info from Google Maps, Flights, Hotels and Youtube. What does this mean for your hotel’s marketing? The future of being found on Bard seems closely associated with your participation on Google’s suite of products - think Google Business Profile and Local SEO (& reviews matter - check out the highly rated line in the summary below) as well as Google Hotel Ads/metasearch. 

  1. Website Landing Page Best Practices

Looking for ways to improve your website engagement metrics and improve conversion rates? Brush up on some website landing best practices in this education blog.

  1. ChatGPT News: Rolls Out Voice & Image Prompts + 26% of Top Sites Blocking It’s Bot

ChatGPT is rolling out new prompt features including voice and image prompts - allowing you to interact with the tool with your own voice and by simply sharing images as part of your query. But, the platform continues to come under scrutiny by content creators for its lack of citations and links back to the original content source. Due to this, many top websites are now blocking it’s bot from crawling their content. This trend will probably continue until the platform starts citing sources/sending traffic to the original sources.

  1. Meta Verified Rolling Out to Brands

A new monthly subscription package that claims to boast brands on Instagram and Facebook as well as offer access to direct support for account troubleshooting is rolling out. Meta Verified includes a verified badge, new ways to be discovered and more. Is your business ready to test this $34.99/month option? Our research came back with less than stellar feedback about the program - with many saying it wasn’t worth the money.

  1. Dive Deeper Into the Differences Between Google UA & GA4

Still a little foggy on differences between Google UA and GA4. Read through this easy to follow guide from our team.

  1. The Importance of Hotel Metasearch

Hotel metasearch engines work as aggregators, pulling data from various sources to create a list of available room rates for a potential guest to choose from. They improve the booking experience for your guests, making it easier to reserve rooms and compare rates. Learn more here.