Flywheel News | October 2023 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. TikTok, X and Meta Unveil Ad-Free Subscription Models

Could the future of social networks include a subscription model? Meta has been forced to offer a subscription model, due to regulations in Europe while TikTok is exploring an ad-free model on its platform for limited users, and X is launching a premium ad-free model. Based on the success of the model, it could impact the reach and value of these platforms for advertisers.

  1. Understanding Metasearch Pricing Models

As metasearch continues to expand into one of your most important channels for direct revenue, it’s important to understand your choices in terms of pricing models. At Metadesk, we talk to hoteliers every day and have encountered a wide variety of various pricing models for metasearch advertising. Here’s a handy breakdown of pricing models you might consider, or in some cases, be stuck with.

  1. Google Testing Ads Between Organic Listings

Now that we are in a “continuous scroll” experience on Google search, it makes sense that Google would try to find more ad placements as users scroll through the results. Google has been spotted testing ads between the organic listings - learn more here.

  1. Our Team Is Excited About These Changes To Facebook & Instagram Reel Ads

Meta is rolling out changes to its Reel Ads placements, including Collection ads, Multi-destination Reel Carousel ads and swipe left functionality. These changes not only simplify the campaign creation process, it make for more engaging (and better performing) ads. Check out the full suite of changes here. In addition, Instagram Reminder Ads can now be easily created in Ads Manager with reach expanding to the Stories ad placement.

  1. Learn What CRO Is And How It Can Help Drive More Direct Bookings

You can spend all the money in the world on ad traffic, but if you’re not optimizing your site for conversions, you’re missing out on valuable direct bookings. Learn more about how your hotel’s website can benefit from CRO here.

  1. What Is The Difference Between Hotel Metasearch Rate Parity and Price Accuracy?

Rate Parity and price accuracy are commonly mixed up- learn the difference and how important these two elements are to the success of your hotel’s metasearch. 

  1. Photos Are Even More Important For Google Maps Visibility and Local SEO

How often does your business create and post new photos to Google Business Profile? Google Maps is launching a new “photo first” search experience. It’s time to review your photos and make sure they are up to date with your business’s experience and offerings.

  1. How Can Your Hotel Remove Friction and Drive More Bookings?

Frictionless experience was the buzzphrase a few years ago- but did you know it’s still an extremely relevant variable to success? Learn tips and techniques your hotel can use to remove friction from online bookings.

  1. Just for Fun: Google Provides The Most Popular Halloween Costume Trends

Check out this link, where Google puts its trends to spooky use,  helping you discover the most popular costume ideas for Halloween as well as custom ideas for you.