Flywheel News | October 2022 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Google Analytics 4 Adds New Reporting Features  

Google continues to roll out new features to GA4. The most recent announcements include Behavioral Modeling in Real-time GA reporting, new home page originally previewed at Google Marketing Live, custom channel reporting (one of our favorite new features), campaign manager 360 integration that will allow us to optimize our campaign bidding towards GA4 conversions and more. Read the full list here.

  1. Are You Overpaying For Metasearch?

Soaring media costs mean metasearch advertising budgets aren’t going nearly as far as they were a year ago. Which is one huge reason hoteliers are choosing Metadesk. Our pay-per-stay pricing model means you only pay for stays that take place. And our variable rate commission structure means you’ll never overpay. Learn more here.

  1. New Google Business Profile Search Menu Rolling Out 

A new way to edit your Google Business Profile is currently rolling out in the SERP. business owners can now easily search and make edits to their business listings from the search results page. Learn more here.

  1. Why You Should Be Using Google Business Posts

Are you familiar with Google Business Posts? If you’re using GCommerce for local SEO services, this is a tactic we include. But what are they and can they help your hotel’s visibility in the search results? Read here to find out.

  1. Hotel Metasearch Marketing Optimization Techniques Webinar

Did you miss the recent hotel metasearch webinar by GCommerce on tactics to optimize your hotel metasearch campaigns? Don’t worry; watch the replay here.

  1. Meta Shares New Insights To Improve Ad Performance 

 It’s not news that recent privacy laws and changes have changed things on Meta advertising platforms. In response to advertiser frustration, Meta just launched its new Performance 5 framework to guide on how to improve advertising performance on the platform. As with any recommendations straight from the platform, we recommend testing them to ensure they actually lead to improved performance for your KPIs.  Learn more here.