Flywheel News | November 2023 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Sam Altman Is Ousted but Then Returns as CEO at OpenAI

In what may be the craziest AI-related news of the year, the board of directors at OpenAI ousted Sam Altman but then reinstated him as CEO after an uprising from employees threatening to leave the company and join him at Microsoft. Learn more.

  1. YouTube Steps up Roll out of Shorts Ads

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the rollout of specific YouTube Shorts ads inventory and it looks like it might be coming soon.

  1. Learn 8 Hotel Holiday Marketing Tips From Our Experts

The holidays are in full swing! Don’t miss out on maximizing your holiday hotel marketing campaign performance; read our expert tips.

  1. TikTok Reports Users Spend ½ Time Watching Longer Form Content

In an effort to help creators monetize their content more (like YouTube does so well), TikTok is focusing on the growth of longer form content on its site. TikTok reports that users spend half their time watching content that is longer than a minute. As we say, it’s definitely worth a test to see how longer form video content works for your hotel on this platform.

  1. How to Maximize Your Google Hotel Ads Metasearch Production

Google Hotel Ads has established itself as a critical piece of the direct booking puzzle for hotels. How can you maximize your hotel’s Google Hotel ads campaign production? Learn more here.

  1. Google Launches New Personal Search Experience

While your search results have always included a degree of personalization, Google is now taking it a step further with a new personal search experience and a follow button option.  Learn more here.

  1. Learn More About Google’s Performance Max Campaign Type

Over the past couple of years, Performance Max campaigns have emerged as a new exciting campaign type for advertisers to test. Learn more about this campaign type here.

  1. Google Adds Organization Structured Data

Google has rolled out new structured data variables named Organization Structured Data that add new fields such as name, address, contact information, and other business identifiers. Learn more here.

  1. GCommerce Holds Annual Company Retreat 

The entire GCommerce team descended on Park City, Utah, to deep dive into hotel marketing strategies, celebrate an amazing year of growth and connect with each other.