Flywheel News | March 2022 Digital Marketing Month in Review

  1. The New Google Marketing Platform SA360 UI Has Arrived

An announcement that has been met with much excitement here in the GCommerce office, Google Marketing Platform has officially launched their new SA360 user interface. GMP’s SA360 is a platform we use for enhanced campaign optimization and measurement across both MIcrosoft Ads and Google Ads search networks. The updated interface will make it easier to build, manage and scale campaigns across advertising platforms allowing us to save time and drive better results.

  1. Google Has Set An End Date For Universal Analytics - Are You Ready?

It’s Official. On July 1, 2023 Universal Analytics will stop receiving hits. You’ll still be able to view the data, but Google is also set to announce a date for when that will no longer be accessible. The countdown is on. If you don’t launch GA4 by July 1, 2022 - you will officially not be able to view reporting data in Analytics that shows YOY data. We recommend reaching out to our GA4 experts to get the new version of Google Analytics set up ASAP.

  1. Google Adds Free Hotel Booking Links to SERP and Map Results

Another tactic in Google’s consistent effort to get more hotels signed up for Google Hotel Ads, they have now opened up visibility of free hotel booking links on the Google SERP and Maps. This means more visibility and promotion of Google Hotel Ads and it’s organic booking link section. If your hotel has yet to participate with Google Hotel Ads and metasearch, it’s not too late. Get signed up today via a Metasearch program such as GCommerce’s Hotel Metasearch.

  1. Google Business Profile May Require Additional Verification Methods

Be on the look out. Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), may start requiring more than one verification method for businesses moving forward. Verification methods can include phone, text, email, video recording, live video call or postcard.

5. Instagram Testing Reels/Stories in Main Feed

Most likely in an effort to combat market share lost to TikTok, Instagram is now testing the inclusion of Reels and Stories within the Main Feed. Reels has become the “largest contributor to engagement growth on Instagram and users spend more time with Stories than they do with their main feed”. If your hotel isn’t producing and sharing this type of organic social media content, you are falling behind with the type of content users want to consume and chances are, you’re missing out on engagement and growth opportunities.