Flywheel News | December 2022 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Metasearch Is Your Best Tool For Increasing Direct Bookings

Metasearch can be directly correlated with direct business. But, is your hotel truly optimizing metasearch? Learn how to take control and manage your metasearch here.

  1. Google Updates EAT With Another E 

Google updated it’s search quality raters guidelines by adding another E to E-A-T for experience. The new acronym is now E-E-A-T, standing for experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Although these ratings do not directly impact rankings, they provide important feedback that helps Google improve its algorithms. Learn more here.

  1. Meta Adds New Instagram Audience Targeting

A new audience type we’re very excited to test here at GCommerce, Meta announced the addition of audience type to target your Instagram followers. Now, you may be thinking - didn’t this already exist? Well, it didn’t. In the past you’ve only been able to target your Facebook followers, not your Instagram followers. Read more on this new audience type here.

  1. Check Out Google’s 2022 ‘Year in Search’ Overview 

Take a walk down memory lane with Google’s 2022 Year in Search Overview, showing a recap of what was trending in search this past year. You might just stumble across some new ideas on what to watch, where to travel (or not) and a new recipe to try.

  1. GCommerce Hosts Annual Employee Retreat

On December 1st and 2nd, the entire company met in beautiful Park City, Utah for two days of incredible sessions on travel and digital marketing, team activities and a fun year-end holiday party. Our team wishes you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!