Flywheel News | April 2022 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Google Tests Larger Images In Desktop Search Results

If you’ve searched for something on Google in the past month or so (and chances are, you have), you may have noticed larger images directly in your desktop search results next to each organic listing as shown in the below screenshot. This is currently just a test, but is interesting since image extensions were launched recently. Maybe, Google is trying to once again blend organic results with the paid ads layout on the page. Time will tell if these changes stay.

  1. Celebrity Cruises Launches The All-Inclusive Photo Project

In April, we discovered the All-Inclusive Photo Project that was started “to change the faces in travel marketing” by capturing “stunning imagery of a range of diverse changemakers” that is open source and available to any travel company to use in their own campaigns. Let’s face it, our industry needs to evolve and that starts with representation in our marketing campaign imagery. The All-Inclusive Photo Project offers stunning photos of with a diverse representation of people by world renowned photographers. Check it out here.

  1. Google Confirms Not Resolving Real Time Issues In UA: Time To Move to GA4

Add it to the list, another issue in Universal Analytics that Google says it is “no longer seeking to resolve”.  While many experience issues with real time reporting in Universal Analytics, Google states that GA4 properties “have an improved Realtime report that does not suffer from this issue.” Read more here.

  1. Microsoft Ads Extends RSA Migration Deadline By 60 Days

For Advertisers that are not yet ready to migrate to responsive search ads on Microsoft Ads, the platform has extended the deadline from June 30th to August 29th. Expanded text ads created prior to that date will be eligible to show past the deadline. GCommerce has prepared all accounts for this migration but have left top performing ETAs on until they will no longer be shown within the platform. Learn more here.

5. Webmasters Beware: Google Sending Notices To Remove Intrusive Interstitials

Google has previously stated that intrusive interstitials on websites have a negative impact on your page’s ranking within the search results. Google is now sending notices via Google Search Console to site webmasters where intrusive interstitials have been found. If you are a site that has become dependent on intrusive interstitials, try a different approach as outlined in Google’s documentation here or using The Hotels Network’s great selection of website personalization and messaging formats.

6. Instagram Extends Reel Length To 90 Seconds

Previously, Reels were capped at 60 seconds in length. Instagram has now extended it to 90 seconds. Short form video content continues to be a top performer for engagement and growth within social media and if your brand isn’t focused on production of these assets yet, make sure you make it a priority in your 2023 budget planning.