Flywheel News | August 2022 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Cookie-less World News: Google Ads introduces modeled conversions

At the beginning of August, Google announced that in order to provide advertisers with the most accurate performance data, they are launching an update to improve conversion reporting for a subset of traffic. Enter modeled online conversions for Google Ads. Already used in SA360 (Google Marketing Platform’s advanced search engine marketing platform used by GCommerce), modeled conversions will now be used in Google Ads to “make up for data lost due to protecting user privacy or technical limitations”. Read more here.

  1. Google Announces New Search Algorithm Update - Is Your Website Ready?

Google’s most recent algorithm update puts a focus on “more content by people, for people” in an effort to provide it’s search engine users with more relevant, meaningful content for their search queries. What does this mean for your hotel? It means that rich, meaningful content should continue to be a focus for your web pages. You should continue to focus on optimizing for people and not just search engine bots. Learn more here.

  1. Microsoft Ads Extends RSA Deadline (again)

Need more time to migrate your ETAs to RSAs in Microsoft Ads? Then you’re in luck. Microsoft Ads is extending the deadline to February. If you’re a GCommerce client, you’re already prepared for this migration. Read the full announcement here.

  1. Digital out-of-home Ads Now Available on DV360

Ever feel like the lines between digital and offline marketing continue to blurr? Well, this past month Google Marketing Platform announced that digital out-of-home ads (think digital billboards at stadiums, in taxis, next to bus stops) inventory will now be available via DV360. Discover more about this product announcement here.

  1. GCommerce Offers Free eBook on GA

Whether you’ve launched GA4 or are still holding off, the future without Google Universal Analytics is imminent. Learn everything you need to know about GA4 from what it is and why it’s important for your business in our new GA4 eBook.

  1. Discover Data-Driven Facebook Ad Optimization Tips

Facebook has continued to prove itself as a valuable marketing channel for hotels. Is your hotel benefiting from the most value on this channel? Learn best practices from the Facebook marketing experts at GCommerce in this new eBook.

  1. Learn What Punk Culture Can Teach Us About Marketing

Can you identify the overlapping themes and similarities between punk culture and marketing? Check out this interesting and thoughtful piece by GCommerce Search Marketing Specialist, Alex Scharpf.

  1. Google Ads Updates Destination Requirements - Are your campaigns at risk?

When visitors land on your site via a Google Ad, they should be presented with a good experience. In order to have more control over the experience Google users are presented with when they click on a Google Ad, the platform is updating its destination requirements. Read more and understand if you should make any on-site changes to avoid your ads being out of compliance.