Flywheel News | April 2024 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Google delays depreciation of 3rd party cookies (again) 

Brands and advertisers now have some extra time to prepare for the demise of 3rd party cookies. Google announced that it’s delaying the phase-out to 2025. Learn more here

  1. Are you winning the battle for direct bookings?

Our founder, Scott van Hartesvelt, discusses the battle against OTAs for direct bookings and one channel that could boost your hotel’s success. Read here.

  1. Bill requiring TikTok sale signed into law 

ByteDance officially has 9 months to sell TikTok, or it will no longer be allowed to be legally distributed in the US. This could mean big moves in the budget towards platforms like YouTube and Meta. Read more here.

  1. What are the most popular hotel offers? 

Our team dove deep into our portfolio’s GA4 data to analyze the most commonly booked hotel offers across our clients. Discover the results here to see if your hotel is currently using these offer types.

  1. E-Book: Promoting DEI In the Workplace 

There is no one-size-fits-all or off-the-shelf playbook regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace. We knew we wanted to improve DEI in our workplace and continue learning, growing, and evolving. We wanted to share our findings, tips, and strategies. Learn more in our e-book.

  1. WordPress vs Webflow: The ultimate showdown 

Wondering what website platform is best for your hotel? Learn about the differences, strengths, and unique features of WordPress and Webflow here.

  1. Meta AI adds Google search results 

Meta’s AI now uses search results from Microsoft and Google within its answers. While the assistant will source and allow users to click to the source on the web, it does keep the users within the Meta app. This could have very interesting implications for its ability to grow relevant ad audiences. Learn more here.

  1. How does hotel metasearch help with first-party data? 

Even with Google delaying the phase-out of third-party cookies, you should still aggressively focus on growing your hotel’s first-party data now. Learn how hotel metasearch can assist.

Flywheel News | March 2024 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Google generating AI powered travel itineraries in search results 

Users that have SGE enabled via Labs in their Chrome browsers can now start viewing Google generated travel itineraries - learn more here and see how your hotel may be visible in these searches.

  1. The House votes to ban TikTok 

The move by the US government is pushing ByteDance to divest from TikTok within 6 months or face a ban in the US. Since many investors are US based, the general thought by many is that this will happen and US residents will still be able to use the platform.

  1. How to optimize your hotel’s metasearch campaigns for mobile  

Did you know you can view metasearch advertising performance by device type? See what this means and how you can optimize your campaigns using this data.

  1. GCommerce celebrates Women’s History Month 

GCommerce employees share their womanhood traditions during Women’s History Month. See what our team had to say.

  1. GCommerce’s 2023 DEI Impact Report 

Over a year after establishing our DEI study group, GCommerce shares a recap of the work that has been done and the outcomes it’s generated. Read the full report here.

  1. Google’s Consent Mode updates are here 

Google has rolled out Consent Mode v2 - learn about this update, what steps your company should consider and how it can impact your ad targeting here.

  1. Say goodbye to Google’s Commission Bid Strategies for Hotel Ads 

Don't worry, saying goodbye to Google’s commission bid strategies for hotel ads doesn’t mean saying goodbye to pay per stay contract models with GCommerce. Learn more here.

  1. Dive into data: LinkedIn static vs video lead generation campaigns 

Our team breaks down results seen when using static vs video ads in LinkedIn Lead Gen campaigns. Learn more here.

  1. Instagram updates hashtag search making opportunities for account discovery 

Find out what opportunities await with this update by Instagram and make sure you’re updating your account profile and posts with keywords for your top targeted searches.

  1. Google starts testing AI overviews from SGE in Google search results 

Although Google hasn’t announced an official rollout for SGE in the main search results, it has started testing it for a small subset of users. Learn more here.

  1. Google changes name of conversions in Google Analytics 4 to Key Events 

Although the jury is out on if this update is actually beneficial or not, Google has officially changed the name of conversions in all (but Google Ads) reports in GA4 to Key Events. It’s meant to try and help clear up confusion on the differences in conversions seen between GA4 and Google Ads platforms. Learn more here.

Flywheel News | February 2024 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. A marketer’s case for hotel metasearch

Stop forfeiting direct revenue. Learn how to drive more with a marketer’s approach to the hotel metasearch channel from our Founder, Scott van Hartesvelt. Learn more here.

  1. GA4 updates & releases

Google was busy with updates to the GA4 platform in February including:

  • Adding a new primary channel group option - giving you an editable channel group that will be the default reporting channel grouping for reports
  • Advertising section updates - including moving the Google Ads report into this section vs the previously hard to find location under the traffic acquisition overview
  • Trend change detection - a new type of insight that surfaces “subtle but long lasting and important changes in your data
  • New manual traffic source dimensions and report - enhancing your ability to analyze performance in cross-channel reports, explorations, and more
  1. DEI origins at GCommerce 

In 2022, a fateful series of conversations led us down a path of deliberate intention and focus around our company’s culture and ensuring Diversity, Equity and inclusion are as much an aspiration as a practice. Learn more about our company’s approach and intention here. 

  1. Google & Reddit sign AI content licensing deal  

Google officially announced a deal with Reddit that allows Reddit to integrate new AI-powered capabilities into its platform’s search while Google gets access to Reddit’s data API to help train its own AI models. GCommerce’s monitoring of SERP has already seen Reddit results gain visibility for a variety of search queries, including using Google’s SGE lab feature. Read the full announcement here.

  1. What happened to Threads? A 2024 update  

What’s happened to the fastest app to reach 100 million users since its launch last summer? Catch up on the latest around Threads here.

  1. 5 reasons to reevaluate your metasearch marketing 

Don’t miss the latest playbook on how to take back your direct bookings with metasearch advertising. View here.

Flywheel News | January 2024 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Discover GCommerce’s predictions for digital marketing in 2024 

What will happen to hotel digital marketing in 2024? Learn the top predictions from the marketing team here at GCommerce.

  1. Google Search CPCs up 19% YOY

Google search CPCs are on the rise. View this study from Tinuiti on rising spend and CPCs on Google ads.

  1. Hacking your marketing budget 

With outstanding management of your 2024 marketing budget, you may be able to improve performance and efficiency, but not enough to make a dent in your new revenue goals.  Learn how to generate direct revenue without spending marketing dollars from our founder, Scott van Hartesvelt.

  1. 94% of SGE results different than organic results

In January, an interesting study on SGE results vs organic results found that 94% of the time, the two contained different listing results. This could allow sites not normally listed in top organic results to appear within SGE results.

  1. Google starts phasing out 3rd party cookies 

Google officially rolled out the first phase of depreciating third-party cookies with its Tracking Protection feature, including 1% of Chrome users. However, more recent news out of the UK states that Google can’t move forward with the full phase-out until it addresses some concerns around proposed Privacy Sandbox changes. 

  1. Facebook link history feature - a loophole to cookies? 

Facebook’s new link history feature allows users to save their link history and is a default opt-in feature. It could also be a loophole for advertisers to target audiences better as the removal of 3rd party cookies rolls out.

  1. TikTok’s testing an interesting AI feature 

In one of the more interesting use cases for AI within social media platforms, TikTok is developing AI that would allow the platform to easily replicate anyone’s voice. Equal parts cool and scary, this could open the door for more use of audio creation with video content. Learn more.

Flywheel News | December 2023 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Google Analytics 4 Announces New Features to Prepare for the End of 3rd Party Cookie

2024 is finally here. That means the long awaited demise of 3rd party cookies is very near. Learn about the new GA4 features Google is rolling out in preparation for this change.

  1. Uncover the Psychology of Luxury Travel With Insights From Google

When you are an upscale luxury hotel or resort, your approach to finding the right guest requires a very specific approach. Understanding your target persona and where/how to reach them is imperative. Uncover some great tips from the experts at Google.

  1. Google Moves Forward With Phasing Out of 3rd Party Cookies

As mentioned above, the end of our reliance on 3rd party cookie technology is here. Google has officially moved forward with the test phase out of 3rd party cookies for a sample of Chrome users. Learn more here.

  1. Learn Best Practices for Your End-Of-Year Hotel Marketing

It’s never too early to start preparing for Q4 2024. Learn best practices for your end-of-year hotel digital marketing here

  1. Which Metasearch Pricing Model Is Best for You?

Understanding pricing models for metasearch advertising is essential, as it becomes a crucial channel for direct revenue. Metadesk provides a breakdown of different pricing models for metasearch advertising. Learn more here.

  1. Threads Now Has a Hashtag Feature

Threads is rolling out a hashtag-like feature called topics, but it works slightly differently. Learn how to use these and how they differ from standard hashtags used on other social media platforms.

  1. How to Maximize GA4 for Your Hotel

Still feel lost on how to get the most out of the new Google Analytics platform? Learn how to maximize this new analytics tool for your hotel.

  1. Google Adds Vacation Rental Structured Data and Rich Results

Are you a vacation rental company looking to get more out of your organic search visibility on Google? Learn about Google’s new vacation rental structured data and rich results here.

Flywheel News | November 2023 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Sam Altman Is Ousted but Then Returns as CEO at OpenAI

In what may be the craziest AI-related news of the year, the board of directors at OpenAI ousted Sam Altman but then reinstated him as CEO after an uprising from employees threatening to leave the company and join him at Microsoft. Learn more.

  1. YouTube Steps up Roll out of Shorts Ads

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the rollout of specific YouTube Shorts ads inventory and it looks like it might be coming soon.

  1. Learn 8 Hotel Holiday Marketing Tips From Our Experts

The holidays are in full swing! Don’t miss out on maximizing your holiday hotel marketing campaign performance; read our expert tips.

  1. TikTok Reports Users Spend ½ Time Watching Longer Form Content

In an effort to help creators monetize their content more (like YouTube does so well), TikTok is focusing on the growth of longer form content on its site. TikTok reports that users spend half their time watching content that is longer than a minute. As we say, it’s definitely worth a test to see how longer form video content works for your hotel on this platform.

  1. How to Maximize Your Google Hotel Ads Metasearch Production

Google Hotel Ads has established itself as a critical piece of the direct booking puzzle for hotels. How can you maximize your hotel’s Google Hotel ads campaign production? Learn more here.

  1. Google Launches New Personal Search Experience

While your search results have always included a degree of personalization, Google is now taking it a step further with a new personal search experience and a follow button option.  Learn more here.

  1. Learn More About Google’s Performance Max Campaign Type

Over the past couple of years, Performance Max campaigns have emerged as a new exciting campaign type for advertisers to test. Learn more about this campaign type here.

  1. Google Adds Organization Structured Data

Google has rolled out new structured data variables named Organization Structured Data that add new fields such as name, address, contact information, and other business identifiers. Learn more here.

  1. GCommerce Holds Annual Company Retreat 

The entire GCommerce team descended on Park City, Utah, to deep dive into hotel marketing strategies, celebrate an amazing year of growth and connect with each other.