Hotel & Resort Digital Marketing

  • Hotel exterior with people walking the streets

We are a digital marketing company that thinks a little differently. With roots in hospitality we understand your language. We achieve dramatic results by specifically tailoring our strategy based on our clients’ needs and advantages. Digital is our canvas, and the only limitation to this medium is our imagination.

  • Room with flowers on a nightstand and items on the shelf

Instead of focusing solely on what service to sell our clients, we focus on the lifecycle a guest goes through when selecting their travel. We know that for a great majority of business and leisure travelers, their selection process happens online. The process starts with a potential guest building a list of potential hotels and follows a long path to their ultimate selection.

Most digital marketing firms only focus on the bottom of the funnel, allowing them to report shallow advertising returns while their client’s market shares dwindle. At GCommerce, we use a combination of world-class management tools and fundamentally sound marketing practices to influence consumers at all stages of their journey. Our services are designed to deliver a complete digital marketing presence and help our clients gain market share.