How We Use Google Ads Max Click Bid Strategy to Improve Brand Awareness


At GCommerce, we are always testing new features across the platforms we use for our clients.  Recently Google Ads introduced automated bid strategies for Paid Search that uses machine learning to adjust bids based on the specific objective you choose. For clients that either don’t have conversion tracking or not enough conversion data for the platform’s conversion-based bid strategy algorithm, we decided to test Google Ads’ Max Click Bid Strategy.

The first client we transitioned from manually managed bids to a max click automated bid strategy was chosen because their main goal was to drive awareness and increase website sessions. I decided they would be a perfect fit for a bid strategy set with an objective to drive max clicks within the set budget.

Here are our results comparing YOY data:

Paid Search KPIs YOY:

  • Impression share increased by 9%
  • Clicks increased by 25%
  • CTR increased by 15%
  • CPC’s decreased by 11%

Overall website performance increased. More notably, their paid search campaigns had significant improvements, including a 12% decrease in bounce rate and a 22% increase in sessions.

Overall, the Google Ads Max Click bid strategy structure resulted in positive improvements in performance and has helped the client improve on their awareness goal.

Another client's paid search account that I placed on the same bid strategy saw similar improvements. Their main goal was also to increase awareness.

Paid search results YOY:

  • Impressions share increased by 4%
  • Clicks increased by 119%
  • CTRs increased by 97%
  • CPC’s decreased by 55%

Google Analytics showed the client’s sessions and average duration increased and their bounce rates decreased.

Once again, we saw positive increases in the accounts that support our properties' awareness goals by using Google Ads Max Click bid strategies.

If you are not using paid search bid strategies, you’re not only being less efficient with your budget, but you are also wasting time manually adjusting bids when the time could be better spent focused on high-level strategizing, audience targeting, keyword expansion, refining your ad copy, and more.

GCommerce recommends selecting a bid strategy for your campaigns that matches the business objective. Conversion based bid strategies are preferred but if you don’t have conversion tracking or you don’t have enough conversions, start with max clicks bids strategies.