Improve Conversion Rates On Your Hotel's Book Now Button


A partner hotel with GCommerce Solutions had a Book Now button that had many other links close to it, which could have been decreasing the click-through-rates (CTR) to the hotel booking engine. With the help of the expert graphic designers at GCommerce Solutions, we designed a new Book Now button that we hoped would have a higher CTR and conversion rate.

A/B Test

Utilizing Google Optimize, we were able to create two versions of the clients homepage, one with the original Book Now button and one with our variant. We were able to split the traffic so that 50% of visitors see each version of the page. 


After about 12k total sessions, the new Variant has a Conversion Rate of 1.74%, which is a 12% increase compared to the Original.

Screenshot of transaction data in google analytics

How Significant is a 12% Increase in Conversion Rate?

This hotel has an Average Order Value (AOV) of about $810. If they drove the same number of visitors in 2019 as they did in 2020 and had the same AOV, a 12% increase in Conversion Value would have resulted in over 2,300 more Conversions and another $1.95 million in Revenue. 

Start A/B Testing With Your Website

A/B tests are the best way to gather valuable data that allows you to improve conversion rates on your website and get better returns for your marketing dollars. 

Contact GCommerce Solutions today to start A/B testing on your hotel website to improve conversion rates.