GCommerce Announces Will Ferris as Chief Technology Officer

Will Ferris

PARK CITY, Utah (July 24, 2019) - GCommerce has announced that Will Ferris, former Senior Vice President of Operations, will be filling the role as the organization’s new Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Ferris started at GCommerce in 2006 doing work for business development until he quickly moved into the Search Marketing department. His work developed one of the largest paid search accounts at GCommerce. 

Mr. Ferris’ passion for innovation did not stop there. After his time working within the Search Marketing field, he assumed the role of Senior Vice President of Operations at GCommerce. In this position, he managed the day-to-day workflow of the organization, ensuring the highest quality of work put out by the company. Mr. Ferris was instrumental in installing a new management team and a company restructure that has driven bottom line profits and client retention. In recent years, Mr. Ferris has consulted with clients' sophisticated needs, including the development of enterprise websites and engineering integration with their required partners. His new role will allow him to develop new corporate strategy to further enhance services for GCommerce clients.

"Will Ferris has been a visionary leader at GCommerce for many years. Amongst his many skills, Will thrives at recognizing and driving innovation in the digital marketing space,” said Scott van Hartesvelt, Founder of GCommerce. “By assuming this new role, Mr. Ferris will be afforded the time and resources to develop exciting new technology that will keep our clients advantaged against their competition. GCommerce is thrilled to incorporate Mr. Ferris' unique and unrivaled perspective for years to come."

Will Ferris graduated from Hobart College in Geneva, New York with a B.A. in Political Science. Following his graduation, he was given a grant to study Humanitarian Law at Oresund University in Lund, Sweden before joining the GCommerce team.