The Problem

Leisure travelers will have 45 different touch points prior to making a purchase decision.

– Rob Torres, Managing Director of Google Travel

OTAs still win bookings
that should be direct

  • 54%
    of the people who started their search on the hotel site booked on an OTA or meta site.
  • 62%
    of those who visited the hotel site in the mid-research funnel booked on an OTA or meta site.
  • 75%
    of people believe OTAs provide the best rate, even though the hotel is on avg. $10.27 cheaper
Dollar sign over a trend line icon

The cost of digital media continues to rise 10% – 15% while hotel marketing budgets remain relatively flat.

Stop Paying Traditional Agency Fees

Remove the management cost and shift those precious marketing dollars to expand your
media budgets and marketing opportunities to be ever present along the customer journey.

The Opportunity

Pay a Small Commission on Website Production.

Each property’s commission is determined by historical revenue production through the website.

For Example:
Gross monthly revenue
Commission %
Commission to Gcommerce

How does this
benefit my hotel?

  • Increase your ability to fund your hotel’s marketing campaigns
  • Increase your share of voice across the web
  • Pursue new marketing opportunities
  • Create a true partnership with your agency
  • Compete more effectively against your comp set

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