SEO Services

SEO Strategies Boost Visibility & Revenue

Traffic from search engines remains one of the most profitable & important aspects to digital marketing. GCommerce’s SEO service includes proven strategies and tactics to ensure your business is visible, helping you capture more qualified traffic & drive revenue.

It’s Been Said That SEO Is Dead

Google continues to make changes to the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) to favor ads, resulting in an ongoing decline in organic search traffic year after year. This makes the fight for organic traffic even harder. GCommerce’s SEO services focus on foundational SEO elements to impact organic visibility to drive qualified traffic and revenue for your business. 

Our strategies are rooted in proven industry SEO best practices, avoiding black hat tactics that could cause long term harm to your website. We understand that there are no quick tricks to successful SEO; it requires on-going strategies and initiatives that evolve with the ever-changing search engine algorithms to build a strong online brand presence for your business.

Our Search Engine Optimization Solution

Our solutions founded on a combination of advanced on-page strategy and a deep understanding of search ranking signals and our client’s businesses and goals. We focus on elements that impact the most important search ranking signals. 

  • Advanced keyword research targeting local, long-tail and high priority keywords to drive the most qualified traffic
  • Optimization of on-page technical elements including URL structure, titles, meta descriptions, header tags, alt text and more
  • Monitoring & Management of Google & Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure website’s search engine health
  • On-going website reviews to identify and implement new SEO opportunities 
  • On-going content and optimization recommendations based on performance and changes in the search engine landscape

Enhance Your Visibility for Informed Consumer Choices & Conversions

We understand consumers rely on search engines to evaluate businesses and to decide upon the best purchasing option based on accurate business information, user reviews and so much more. Our search engine optimization service ensures that your business is better optimized to capture qualified traffic and drive conversions.