Paid Search Marketing

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Your biggest digital budget expense can be a big waste if not done strategically & with the latest techniques Paid search has evolved at break-neck speed, offering smart marketers a plethora of new tools and techniques to target specific consumers at all stages of the conversion funnel.

GCommerce has embraced these new tools and techniques, becoming recognized as a Google Premier Partner. As a Google Premier Partner Agency, GCommerce has attained the highest level of search marketing certification, providing access to products and solutions to advantage and manage insanely profitable campaigns for our clients.


A strategy is the mother of all success. When it comes to paid search marketing, a comprehensive strategy should guide every keyword bid. GCommerce understands that every property appeals to a unique consumer. We take into account primary target markets, stages of the conversion funnel, target consumer personas and purchasing characteristics to form a strategy custom-built for each client. Without a strategy, we would be one of the countless agencies mindlessly bidding on random keywords, providing shallow ROAS and negatively impacting Cost Per Acquisition.

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Campaign Types & Targeting

Instead of targeting wide swaths of people with little regard to where they are in their purchase process, GCommerce systematically develops paid search campaigns designed to guide people through the purchase funnel. This requires many different campaign types that include: brand name, broad and segmented market terms, event/demand generator campaigns, market segment/audience (weddings, meetings, leisure, etc.), dynamic campaigns and even competitor conquest campaigns aimed to capitalize on your competitors existing brand awareness to help you steal market share.

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Campaign Optimization & Reporting

GCommerce is the first hospitality marketing company in the country to adopt a world-class optimization platform to help us manage and direct our clients’ paid search accounts. The platform is a brilliant and robust technology that connects directly to paid search marketing campaigns and conversion points on a property website/booking engine. It then monitors interactions with the campaign in a real-time environment.

What Does This Mean For You?

You can expect your campaigns will be optimized hundreds of times a day, seven days a week to maximize budget reach and stewardship of your precious marketing dollars. The result is a fluid marketing campaign that, with GCommerce’s strategy and proprietary campaign structure input as described earlier, will perform 20-40% better than campaigns not using this optimization platform and approach. 

Not all paid search marketing is created equally. The devil and ultimately campaign performance is in the details, and it starts with strategy and ends with cutting-edge techniques and tactics to win.