Marketing Development & Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking

Website transaction data is fundamental to analyzing and understanding the success of any online business. Google Analytics provides tracking solutions to measure user interactions and eCommerce data within a website, across domains and within booking engines.

For the vast majority of the time that humans have been advertising, it has been incredibly difficult to measure and quantify the impact of advertisements. With a billboard ad, how many people saw the ad? How many people ended up looking at your business because of that ad? How many of those people ended up being paying customers? One of the beautiful things about online advertising is that we can measure and quantify how people find your website, what their behavior is on your website and how they end up purchasing. Understanding and owning these insights is an essential element to developing any online marketing strategies. GCommerce’s eCommerce tracking service will enable you to track your online data to successfully achieve your online business goals and objectives.

Understanding the performance indicators that impact people’s behavior on your website is important. What is your bounce rate? What pages have the highest exit percentage? Where are people entering and leaving your site? All of those insights are important, but coupling that with eCommerce data takes your tracking to the next level. 

GCommerce's eCommerce Tracking

Ecommerce tracking through Google Analytics from GCommerce includes:

  • Full setup of a Google Analytics Account and deployment of all tracking codes (we can also integrate with an already existing Google Analytics Account to ensure historical data is included)
  • Segmentation of your different products – the ability to view a breakdown of sales for a particular hotel room type or online product
  • Cross-Domain Tracking – track users from your website, affiliated websites and booking engines, eCommerce shopping platforms within the same session. This is absolutely essential for any business.
  • Understand behavior insights in regards to purchases and how they impact your bottom line
  • Better ROI measurement for your marketing efforts
  • Quality assurance, validation of data and on-going monitoring to ensure Analytics information is accurate and reliable

Cross-Domain Tracking

All online marketing efforts should be tracked and measured. The best way to evaluate the success of a website, as well as your marketing campaigns, is to view the transactions and conversions that are being completed within the site. If transactions involve eCommerce revenue, we strongly recommend tracking that information across all domains that are being utilized for your brand. Effectively tracking revenue through a website and utilizing that data to empower your future marketing efforts is a key aspect of making a website more profitable.