Google Analytics 4


With the Cookieless world quickly approaching, Google released its Google Analytics 4 (GA4) beta in Q4 2020 making it the largest leap in the company’s analytics product history. GA4 isn’t just a new version, it’s a new tool and GCommerce is ready to set you up for success.


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How Is GA4 Different From Google Analytics Universal?

Google Analytics 4 focuses on user engagement putting less emphasis on volume of traffic seen in its predecessors. Website performance is measured through tagged events which indicates where and how users are interacting with your website content. Traditional metrics such as “Sessions” are now paired with new engagement metrics within Google’s BigQuery database. GCommerce’s Google Analytics 4 Report blends these metrics and surfaces critical insights within your custom report, providing data integrity and continuity for the future.  GCommerce’s GA4 offering provides stability in your marketing performance measurement and keeps your business at the forefront of an ever changing digital landscape.

Why Is GA4 Important?

Once we are officially in a cookieless world, most marketers will be caught playing catchup, having to answer for why their marketing tactics are suddenly rendered completely ineffective.  With GA4 by GCommerce, you cross that bridge now, so you don’t miss a beat in the future. Change is here, future proof your analytics NOW.

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GCommerce GA4 Offering Includes:

  • GCommerce’s Google Analytics 4 Report with real time data
  • Implementation of Google Analytics 4 on primary domain with cross domain tracking for booking engine transactional data
  • Custom website event tagging through Google Tag Manager
  • Booking engine funnel visualization
  • Ongoing report maintenance