Email & eCRM

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Email Campaigns

Ah the days of the late 90’s. According to some, email marketing has seen its day. NOT TRUE. Email campaigns are extremely cost effective, and when done right can still drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental revenue. eCRM is still alive and well, providing smart communications with your existing clientele while providing increased revenue per customer.

GCommerce has developed award winning guest messaging and ad hoc email campaigns for our clients for almost 20 years. We know the old adage remains true; it is easier to generate business with existing fans than to prospect for new business.


When it comes to email marketing, a comprehensive strategy based on your business objectives should guide the setup and structure of your email marketing. Gone are the days of one-off batch emails to your entire subscriber list. Advanced segmentation of your list is necessary to truly connect with your users and curate a relationship with your brand.

We help you match your business goals and promotions with the segmented list that will provide the best fit and ultimately the best performance. We’ll also assist in helping integrate personalization email database growth strategies.

A/B Testing

GCommerce always recommends A/B testing in email marketing campaigns, this allows us to understand how certain elements of a campaign are performing including subject lines, design layouts and more. Understanding this allows us to hone in on what resonates most with your email database segments. A/B testing is key to any digital marketing effort and it is no less important in the social space.

Campaign Reporting

Our email marketing service includes a snapshot of performance 24 hours after send and then again at 1 and 2 weeks after send. This ensures we capture the true impact of performance diving into CTR, bounce rates, unsubscribes, revenue and more. Our reporting also includes an analysis based on our email marketing expert insights to help guide future email marketing efforts.