Display Advertising

The Digital Billboards That Are Targeted & Strategic

While other agencies tend to use the simpler route of using a one-size-fits-all approach, GCommerce takes the time to look at the big picture and provide a solution dedicated to each client. We examine all aspects that come into play for a display campaign specific to your business. 

Display advertising allows you the chance to catch the attention of your target audience, direct them to your site, and drive conversions. GCommerce successfully completes this process by utilizing sophisticated, programmatic tools that can slice and dice your audience and deliver the most relevant message to each user.


The strategy is what drives all display campaigns that we design. GCommerce understands the importance of putting together a complete and well thought out strategy to help you reach your goals. We believe that every one of our clients is different and that there isn’t one single strategy that is applicable to every business. Before launching any display campaign, we take into consideration all client needs, target markets, interests, and every step down the conversion funnel. 

Campaign Types & Targeting

We strongly encourage its clientele to launch comprehensive display advertising campaigns to ensure maximum reach of the most qualified traffic. Doing so requires the use of prospecting and retargeting initiatives. Both play vital roles in a user’s journey down the conversion funnel. Prospecting efforts reach those at the top of the funnel; those beginning their journey into planning and research.

This discovery phase is where clients are able to create awareness among new audiences. Retargeting efforts ensure the capture of those ready to purchase; those who have done their homework, have researched all possible options, and hone in on the perfect product and brand for them. 

Campaign Optimization & Reporting

Digital marketing remains fluid and ever-changing. With technological advancements, shifts in consumer behavior, and dips in the market, agencies must continually adapt to ensure campaign traffic and engagement remains qualified and competitive. While daily optimization is onerous and costly, the set-it-and-forget-it approach held by many big-box agencies is unacceptable.

To accurately and efficiently optimize client campaigns for success without charging outlandish management fees, we have adopted a world-class display advertising platform that allows for programmatic bidding, ongoing optimization, and the ability to target on various levels, coming closer and closer to the audience of one.