Why You Need a Marketing Agency, Even in a World of Machine Learning


In a world of continual advances in machine learning, what makes a paid search marketing agency relevant? The world of paid search marketing is constantly evolving, and Google is at the forefront of those changes. Google Ads has started introducing automated features geared towards making it easier for a small business to run their own paid search campaigns.

Recently Google Ads launched Smart Campaigns. These campaign types are almost entirely automated. Campaigns can be set up to focus on goals including phone calls, website visits and requests for directions. “Smart Campaigns will even create and host auto-generated and optimized landing pages if a company does not have a website.” – Search Engine Land.

Smart campaigns may be easy to set up and see “results”, but just like with anything in business, you should never settle! One thing to ask yourself,  does Google really have your best interest in mind? They are a business with shareholders to answer to and at the same time are facing increased competition in the advertising space from platforms like Facebook. It makes one wonder if your results and best interests are what really matters to them. There is no doubt that you will receive some type of results with their campaigns, but are they going to be the best results you can get?

With all of these changes in machine learning that can automate your paid search campaign management, you may be asking yourself why you need a digital marketing agency to help run your campaigns. Machines are great and are able to optimize media campaigns in ways humans never could, right? While this is accurate, a machine will never be able to provide the human touch and advanced strategy that your paid search campaigns deserve and need to run at optimal performance.

GCommerce has always prided ourselves on that special, customized approach and attention to detail for each of our clients. Even Tesla learned the hard way that full automation was a mistake and had to rehire employees and remake their factory to suit its production needs. "There are some things that are very well-suited to manual operation and some things that are very well-suited to automated operation — and the two should not be confused," Musk said during the company's first-quarter earnings call. Automation is a relationship between machines and humans and by using both, you create the perfect combination.

So now you might be asking yourself where the human touch specifically comes in and why you need a marketing agency to help run digital marketing campaigns. Here are a few reasons:

• Automation enables us as humans to further specialize in our area
• Less time is taken to acquire info, allowing more time to interpret and apply it
• Creativity
• Adaptable – things within the industry change constantly
• Proven Results

Each and every one of our search marketing accounts are automated in some way. Let’s face it, there are some tasks that should be automated because they can greatly benefit from it, such as paid search bid management. However, no matter what automation we decide to apply to a paid search account, we maintain a hands-on approach at all times to analyze data and personally optimize each and every one of our clients through advanced targeting and strategy.

GCommerce is able to spend the time on each individual client and learn their long term sustainable competitive advantages (LTSCAs) and effectively market them across multiple platforms with proven success; something a machine cannot do on its own. We take a personal approach in everything we do for our clients and ensure we are always strategizing for better results and learning new ways to achieve client goals.

The question is not whether you can do it on your own, it’s should you do it on your own. GCommerce has proven results time and time again even with a constantly changing industry and platforms. So, if you want the best results and that personal touch, we are the answer.