Behavioral Data & Advanced Retargeting Tactics Allow for Increased Success



In March of 2016, The Lenox Hotel launched a new website. After the launch, representatives from the property worked with GCommerce to identify specific areas of their website that could be improved. The Lenox Hotel is a part of our Premium Insights Program, which provides additional consulting and analysis of traffic and campaign data for websites. Utilizing our resources from Premium Insights, we were able to work along with The Lenox Hotel to identify opportunities for the packages and specials offered through the website. On their previous site, they had a special offers page with some basic deals and packages that they offered for their guests. As the new site did not have anything similar, we decided to look into this further. After analysis of traffic behavior from the old website in comparison to the new one, it was determined that it would be worthwhile to build a new page to detail specific packages available for guests at The Lenox Hotel.


As you can see above, the new website packages page featured more photos around the specific packages along with unique and descriptive content for each with a more clear call to action for the user. We also worked with the property to develop a schedule for specific seasonal offerings (fireplace packages in the winter, aquarium in the spring/fall, etc.) to be displayed on this packages page. We then attempted to drive traffic around the specials that were being displayed through targeted advertising. We were able to further qualify the audiences we were targeting for these specials advertisements with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and Remarketing for Display Ads with ad verbiage specific to the individual packages being displayed at that time. This allowed us to target our ads to the individuals that were most likely to book a package through the website with ad verbiage around the content they would be viewing.

Our initial results show that efforts to boost package exposure on the website paid off in a big way. The table below shows behavioral statistics for Sessions that interacted with each of these respective pages. Overall, we didn’t have too many more sessions interact with the page on the new site, an increase of just 16%. However, we did see a 285% increase in transactions, resulting in a 206% increase in revenue. The slight increase in traffic along with the huge increase in conversion means the eCommerce conversion rate increased by over 230%. We also saw the average session duration increase by nearly half a minute.

MARCH 1, 2015           TO FEBRUARY 29, 2016                        MARCH 1, 2016                      TO MARCH 1, 2017

SPECIALS PAGE                                                                                    SPECIALS PAGE

Sessions:                             7,033                                                                 Sessions:                                      19,807

Avg. Session Duration:    00:05:49                                                       Avg. Session Duration:             00:06:12

Conversion Rate:               2.65%                                                             Conversion Rate:                         8.78%

Transactions:                     451                                                                    Transactions:                                1,739

Revenue:                             $421,992.04                                                  Revenue:                                        $1,293,174.70

In conclusion, our results show that adding additional imagery and content to The Lenox Hotel’s new packages page along with specifically targeted remarketing advertisements to the most qualified audiences resulted in drastic increases in the eCommerce conversion rate, transactions, and revenue for users that interacted with these pages. We look forward to continuing our partnership with The Lenox Hotel to further identify areas of improvement for their website and business.

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