Improve Ad Quality Score And Save Time & Money Through Google Ads Scripts


Google Ads Scripts may sound like a foreign language to some, scare others, and cause others to feel uncomfortable but I’m here to tell you that there is nothing to fear! Google Ad scripts are useful tools that can be used for every industry from hotel digital marketing to ma and pop shops doing their own PPC. These scripts automate tedious processes and tasks that sometimes take an unreasonable amount of time. This automation allows search specialists to focus on what’s most important and ultimately saves time and money for our clients.

What are Google Ads Scripts?

Google Ads Scripts are JavaScript based codes that anyone can implement in order to automate certain functions within Google Ads. These functions can include:

  • Sending keyword performance reports on a regular basis to a given email
  • Pausing underperforming ads based on set qualifiers. This report can then be automated to send to any given email containing the ads that were paused
  • Finding errors that could cause your ads to underperform, become disapproved, lead to a 404, and more. You can then set it to notify you if it happens to find something wrong
  • There are other scripts that can perform a multitude of tasks

These scripts help search specialists to work faster and more efficiently as well as improve their quality of work because they can always have eyes (a script) on things that they can’t always check due to time constraints.

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Scripts increase efficiency, but how?

  • Automated reports: normally, a search specialist must go into Google Ads in order to pull reports that help them to identify how a given property is doing. In fact, they probably have to go through multiple tabs to get a good picture of what is happening with the account. This can take a lot of time. By setting up a script, they can receive automated reports which provide all of the information necessary, all in one spot. This saves time for search specialists because they don’t have to set up the reports, download them or make other modifications
  • Automated report delivery: search specialists can automatically send these reports to clients thus saving them time because they don’t have to manually send the reports
  • Ease of comparison: order is kept consistent since all of the metrics are the same on each report. This allows you to compare past data with ease. It also makes it easy to look at because they are standardized reports which you will get used to over time
  • Automated tasks and processes: as mentioned before, scripts can be used to automate a multitude of processes and tasks. These could include anything from error scanning your ads to pausing underperforming ads. This increases efficiency because the search specialist doesn’t have to make those changes manually but still gets notified of any changes that take place just in case they need to review them

Why should you be using scripts?

By using scripts, search specialists are able to spend less time setting up reports, checking for broken ads, pausing underperforming ads and more meaning that they are able to work more on what is most important. This ultimately saves you money and increases the quality of your ads thus helping you to drive more reservations and more revenue. Our team of search specialists are constantly looking for new scripts to increase productivity, save time and ensure budget is being spent efficiently.

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