Better Understand Booking Patterns Through Your Hotel Website


Most hotel booking engines have parameters within the URL that include the check-in and check-out dates that are being viewed by the user:

booking URL

But how can we use this information to help provide deeper insights for hotel’s and their Revenue Managers? Using custom parameters, we can isolate those dates from the hotel’s booking engine in order to see how many times people are viewing those dates, how many times they are being viewed uniquely, the number of reservations and the revenue generated.

Booking window dates

We can also combine other variables from the hotel’s booking engine, such as which dates are being viewed where rooms are not available:

Table showing no rooms available

Dates being viewed within the hotel’s booking engine between weekdays and weekends:

Visual showing searches for weekdays
Visual showing searches for weekends

Insights on which geographic areas people are connecting from to view dates within the booking engine can also be provided.

Visual showing weekend bookings by metro

Within Google Analytics, we can isolate this audience by date ranges to view specific demographic data and we can retarget specific advertisements to those individual users through Google Ads:

Google analytics report

By utilizing this data, GCommerce Solutions clients have gained valuable insight into which dates are being viewed more or less, especially during times of fluctuating demand. Knowing which dates are showing potentially more or less demand and who that demand is being shown to you can help guide direction for room rates, marketing initiatives, packages or promotions and capacity planning.

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