Your Marketing Cyborg: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of AI Marketing


There seems to be a general disdain towards artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, though marketers should learn to love the technology. Humans are the backbone of marketing, but there is so much to gain from the assistance of AI. As computerized marketing becomes more common, these tools are becoming absolutely necessary for success in the field. Instead of resisting AI, marketers need to embrace the technology and function as a Marketing Cyborg - a carefully balanced blend of human and mechanical parts. 

Pros And Cons Of AI In Marketing

The biggest problem that most marketers have with AI is the loss of control that comes with automation. Humans are always a little scared to let external forces run parts of our lives, and this fear is only exacerbated in situations like marketing, where control is already somewhat limited. Even with the perfect messaging, channel, and audience targeting, results aren’t guaranteed. There are so many uncontrollable factors in this field; why would you voluntarily hand over even more control to a computer?

Well, because it ultimately works in your favor. Marketers are always working to optimize their campaigns, and AI makes it much easier to bridge this gap. Computers may not be perfect, but even the most genius marketing professionals can’t compete with AI’s capacity for learning and prediction. There will always be some level of guesswork involved in marketing, but AI is able to very reliably point marketers in the right direction. In a landscape with so many unknown variables, this is invaluable, and the marketing industry should not turn up its nose at an easy way to increase efficiency. Control is great, but it’s important to recognize the limitations of the human workforce. 

But what about the limitations of machines? The human eye has a unique propensity for things like tone and personality, and these elements are often vital to the success of a marketing campaign. AI is surprisingly good at quantifying an audience and predicting their interests, but there’s a big difference between knowing what someone wants to see and actually creating it. AI isn’t ready to take over the more qualitative and artistic side of marketing, so human input is still needed in marketing to fill in the gaps.

The Marketing Cyborg

There are problems with both human and AI marketing, but that’s exactly why the Marketing Cyborg is so important. Not entirely man, nor entirely machine, cyborgs are an incredibly powerful entity. They are capable of almost anything, and this is exactly why marketers need to stop resisting the future of AI. Consider some of the most successful companies in the world right now. Amazon, Facebook, Google - AI is built into the very fabric of these businesses, and that’s no coincidence. It’s clear that consumers respond to AI, and the marketing industry could greatly benefit from embracing the technology.  

The fears surrounding AI marketing are completely reasonable. Giving up control is hard, and there is a certain human quality to marketing that AI simply can not replicate. However, enhancing our abilities with mechanical parts does not mean we have to give up everything. Cyborgs are the perfect mix of man and machine, and this is what marketers should strive to be. Marketers must embrace the future of AI, working alongside these tools for the greatest chance at success. When humans and AI are able to work in harmony, it creates an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. 

GCyborg Solutions

The marketing team at GCommerce understands the value of AI, and we’re constantly working to embrace the technology. Both our search and digital marketers use AI marketing tools to increase efficiency and optimize performance, and we’re better for it. 

The entire foundation of search marketing is built on AI, so rejecting the technology isn’t an option for our search marketers. Search engines use bots to determine what users want to see, and a search marketer’s job is based on understanding and manipulating these AI for optimal results. If GCommerce were afraid to work alongside AI, our search marketing team wouldn’t exist, and we would miss out on a massive opportunity to increase visibility and web traffic for our clients. 

Within search marketing, AI marketing tools are particularly useful for advertising. Dynamically generated ads, smart bidding, and campaign recommendations make it easier for our team to learn about audiences, improve ad performance, and test new strategies. While this is all possible without AI, the technology makes everything much faster and more efficient, leaving our search marketers with extra time for research and experimentation to better utilize search bots to our advantage.

The benefits of AI marketing don’t stop at our search team, though. Just like search advertising, digital marketing would technically be possible without AI. However, ad personalization and specific audience targeting are what make digital marketing so lucrative, and AI makes it easier for our team to serve the right ads to the right people. AI marketing tools help take the guesswork out of digital marketing, leaving our team with more time to work on creative, original ads that drive results for our clients. 

As a company, GCommerce is always pushing boundaries to provide the best possible service for our clients. Our marketing team is constantly working to improve in this area, but human ability only goes so far. By embracing AI marketing tools and functioning as a Marketing Cyborg, the GCommerce marketing team is able to elevate our work to a level far beyond what’s possible with human marketing alone. 
So what are you afraid of? Contact one of our marketing experts for more information on AI marketing or becoming a Marketing Cyborg.