6 Ways Hotels Can Utilize Facebook's Lead Generation Tool in 2023


New year, new ways to utilize Facebook advertising for hotels. When you think of Facebook advertising, most of you probably think about ads aimed at driving awareness, website traffic, or online purchases. What if we told you that Facebook can also serve as a key component to collect first-party data for your hotel in a world where we so desperately need it?

Facebook’s lead generation tool has been around for years, but it’s been getting a “glow-up” in recent months and is now one of the primary ways we drive leads and collect email data for hotel clients at GCommerce. New functionalities continue to release as we enter 2023, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the tool’s ability to put first-party data in our clients’ pockets.

Here are six ways your hotel can utilize Facebook’s lead generation tool in 2023.

Increase Your Hotel’s Email Database

Are you looking for easy ways to increase the size of your hotel’s email database and create cohesive hotel marketing strategies across multiple channels? Utilizing the lead generation tool on Facebook can quickly help you build up your databases with qualified users. 

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Prompt users to enter their information with messaging centered around staying up to date with the property, new available offers and promotions, or offer a special incentive to sign up and subscribe. From there you can download the leads directly from the Instant Forms section or utilize a third-party platform like Zapier to send leads straight to your email.

Further Qualify Your Hotel’s Remarketing Audiences

Lead generation isn’t only good for your email marketing, it can also be utilized to bolster your hotel’s remarketing efforts. While you could just re-upload your leads list as a custom audience, you would need to be constantly updating it. Instead, set up a new audience based on Lead Generation data within your remarketing adsets to keep the audiences fresh with any additional work.

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Under the custom audiences section, select Lead Form. From there you’ll want to include anyone who opened and submitted a lead within your desired timeframe (we recommend 90 days). Voilà, you will now be incorporating active lead data into your hotel remarketing campaigns.

Pro Tip: If you are going to utilize your leads for multiple purposes, such as Facebook remarketing and adding them into an email list, make sure you disclose this in the lead form settings.

Support and Grow Your Hotel’s Wedding Business

What better way to find real-life engaged couples for your hotel’s wedding space than by reaching them where they already spend large amounts of time each day–social media. Facebook lead generation forms are one of our favorite ways to advertise wedding spaces for our clients at GCommerce because it’s easy and effective. Not only can you directly target engaged people, newly engaged people, and even friends of engaged people, it also allows the couple to fill out a lead form to receive more information or a quote. 

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When creating your lead forms, think about the goal of your hotel’s wedding campaigns. Do you want to qualify guests before sending them more information? Use questions such as wedding size, potential wedding dates, and even wedding budget if you have a higher-end wedding space. If the goal is to simply get your wedding venue out there, keep your form questions simple and opt for name, email, and wedding dates.

Increase Business Travel and Showcase Meeting Spaces At Your Hotel

Similar to the wedding business above, using lead generation is also a great way to gather quotes and potential leads for your hotel’s onsite meeting rooms. This strategy is great for hotels also looking to increase their business travel segment in 2023.

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While the setup will be similar to wedding lead generation, your form should include questions such as group size, reason for group meeting, and even information about catering. In the targeting section be sure to include specific job titles of people who might be planning these events, small business owners, and/or email lists of past and potential companies.

Drive More Visits to Your Hotel’s Blog and Grow Subscribers

Do you have a blog on your hotel’s website and struggle with growing your subscriber base? Facebook advertising is a great tool to drive both awareness and new readers. Use the on-Facebook forms to intrigue users into joining the subscription list.

See It In Action

This lead form will look similar to our first example for growing your hotel’s email database; keep the form simple with only name and email address. However, instead of reasons to join the email list entice users with excerpts from the latest blog post or offer them exclusive content only available to subscribers. Utilize the link at the end of the form to send users to your most recent blog or top ranking blog from the past year. 

Once leads are created you’ll still need to manually add them into your blog’s subscriber list, but you’ll ultimately be gaining new readers you wouldn’t have had before.

Find and Convert Event Guests For Your Hotel

Facebook lead generation is an effective, and often overlooked, tool to advertise your on-property events and convert potential guests. Not only will you be advertising your hotel’s event to Facebook’s massive audience, you’ll also be ingesting first-party data for interested attendees that you can use for email marketing, Facebook remarketing, and much more.

See It In Action

Set up your hotel’s Facebook ad to introduce your event details before prompting users to sign up for event updates and news. Is your event not open for registration yet? Prompt users to get on the list now and be the first to RSVP when registration opens up. Once your event is over, utilize your list for remarketing future events or to convert event guests into hotel guests.

There you have it, six easy ways to incorporate Facebook’s lead generation tool into your 2023 marketing campaigns. Need help getting started? Reach out to the experts at GCommerce today for all your digital marketing needs.