Leadership Team

Scott van Hartesvelt

Scott van Hartesvelt founded GCommerce in 2002 at the tender age of 22. Imbued with a belief that principled marketing strategies would define success in an increasingly digital world, Scott quickly grew the company to become a leader in hospitality digital marketing. Scott has always been determined to develop unique and complex strategies for compelling hotels, leading Gcommerce to assemble a client list that is the darling of the industry. Under his tenure, GCommerce has helped generate well north of $1billion in boutique travel sales.

While GCommerce enjoyed early and consistent success, Scott remains determined to push the company forward towards new ideas and opportunities on behalf of his clients. His combination of entrepreneurship and future focused research helps ensure GCommerce remains on the cutting edge of the industry. Scott is a sought after strategist for complex companies seeking brand-defining marketing and positioning campaigns.

When not working, Scott, his wife Monica and Daughter Laila are active members of the Park City community. They spend their time enjoying the vast leisure opportunities the resort community provides.