Accounting FAQs

What services will I be invoiced for?

Refer to your Statement of Work, (SOW) portion of your contract.

Can services be consolidated onto one to two invoices a month?


What is the media deposit invoice for?

To offset the cost of the media advertising by vendors such as Google, Bing and Facebook to name a few. GCommerce pays these businesses on your property’s behalf for their actual monthly advertising.

Why is the actual media invoice marked paid? 

The media deposit is used to pay for the actual media advertising spent.

Where do you get how much the deposit should be for?

GCommerce’s Customer Service Managers work with your properties Marketing, Front Desk, Revenue or General Manager to determine a media budget spend amount for each month. Based on your properties unique needs.

I just received a deposit invoice a couple of weeks ago, why was I just sent another one?

The media budgets were recently increased or there was an approved over spend at the last minute and now future approved media spend amounts aren’t paid for.

What happens once you receive our payment for the deposit invoice?

A credit in the amount of the paid deposit invoice will be applied to on your account in our Accounting system. Once the actual media spend is reconciled the deposit will be used to pay the actual media spend. You’ll then be sent the actual spend invoice marked paid along with the receipts to support the charges.

What happens if there aren’t enough credits on my account to cover the actual spend? 

Your media advertising services will be paused until payment is received for any unpaid media spend and media deposit invoice(s).

When will I receive the deposit invoice?

Per the terms of your contract media deposits are generally sent 45 days prior to the month the advertising is set to begin. With new accounts this will more than likely be a shorter onboarding time because your property wants to get this service up and running as soon as possible.

Can I change when I receive the deposit invoice?

Yes, but be aware that if the deposit is not received by the time the media is scheduled to start your media will be paused.