GCommerce Launches Metadesk to Empower Hoteliers to Take Control of their Metasearch Channels


Park City, Utah, July 6, 2022 -Officials of  GCommerce, a leading, hospitality digital marketing agency, today announced the launch of a new metasearch platform, Metadesk

Metadesk is a software-driven experience designed to address known pain points and frustrations experienced by hoteliers regarding the management of their metasearch channels while leveraging GCommerce’s world class media management and optimization skills.

“Metasearch is quickly being categorized as a revenue management tool, and Metadesk is here to challenge that notion,” said Lindley Cotton, president & partner, GCommerce. “Metasearch advertising should be continually managed and optimized for top performance. The industry is desperate for new players; the technology should be easy and less cumbersome while utilizing performance based media techniques. Why can’t hoteliers expect both? With Metadesk, they can.”

GCommerce Solutions, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in June 2022, has been managing media channels on behalf of hotels, resorts and casinos and is employing its firsthand knowledge of media management, customer service and hospitality technology to deliver a better metasearch experience.

With Metadesk, hoteliers can:

  • Participate in a pay-per-stay model that is based on a sliding scale so the commission aligns with the property’s metasearch performance
  • Manage and optimize metasearch advertising campaigns for performance
  • Communicate directly with campaign specialists via the Metadesk portal
  • Leverage first party data to deploy custom audiences on Google Hotel Ads
  • Access real-time reporting data including metasearch channel performance
  • Monitor metasearch channel disparities

For more information about Metadesk, visit Metadesk.pro

About Metadesk

Metadesk is the hospitality industry’s leading metasearch marketing platform combining programmatic and AI technology with human-powered media expertise. Created by GCommerce to make metasearch easier and transparent for engaged hoteliers, MetaDesk is an easy to use platform that equips hoteliers with the data and access they need to align their metasearch efforts with the needs of their hotels in real time. With metadesk, hoteliers can take control of their metasearch channels to generate direct bookings and effectively compete with the OTAs.

For more information, visit metadesk.pro or contact sales@metadesk.pro.

About GCommerce

Built on the belief that one-size-fits-none, GCommerce strives to eliminate the cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing. Catering to a wide variety of clients in the hospitality and tourism industry, GCommerce provides a customized, strategic, and client-focused approach to digital marketing. Services provided include but are not limited to search engine optimization and marketing, website design and development, display advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and social media advertising and consultation. 

Boasting a robust and diverse clientele including industry-leading hotel management groups, luxury and boutique hotel brands, resorts and casinos, franchises and independents, and more. For more information, visit www.gcommercesolutions.com or reach out to sales@gcommercesolutions.com